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Mini Floral Cakes

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Mini Floral Cakes

Intricate buttercream floral designs that are individually piped and made of all natural colouring arranged a top our delicious signature flavours.

These cakes are bound to impress at any celebration!

Lola's Birthday Cakes

Surprise, delight & excite your loved ones with our ingeniously handcrafted Birthday Cakes!

Lola's Dessert Tables

"A party without cake is just a meeting" Turn all your meetings and gatherings into the most memorable party your guests would ever have with our perfectly curated, beautifully set-up dessert tables!

Brew Workshops

Always wanted to learn about the science, the technique & the knowledge that goes into perfecting a cup of coffee? There could not be a more idyllic location to learn more about coffee. Come join us as we share more about the effort and thought that goes on behind each cup of perfectly brewed coffee at Suzette!

Rustic Simple Cakes

Quintessential Chocolate Cake
Quintessential Chocolate Cake

Quintessential Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate Sponge, Belgium Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream, Hazelnut Feuilletine, Dark Chocolate Ganache

From S$58.00

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8 Inch Single Tier

8 Inch Single Tier

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